Horticulture -

“the art and science of growing flowers, fruits, vegetables, trees and shrubs resulting in the development of the minds and emotions of individuals, the enrichment and health of communities, and the integration of the ‘garden’ in the breadth of modern civilization.” (Diane Relf, Prof of Horticulture at Virginia Polytechnic University)

Greening Winter

No matter one's faith, we all enjoy the decorations that are symbols of religious and cultural holidays celebrated around the winter solstice - the shortest day and longest night of the year in the northern hemisphere...(click here for complete article)

Urban Wildlife

For many, animals and birds of the urban environment are such part of everyday life that they are barely noticed. Others actively attract wildlife with feeders, houses or water features, remaining engaged in and sensitive to the natural world...(click here for complete article)

Japanese Yew


Golden Raindrops Crabapple

Fall IS For Planting

With the right kind of weather, Fall is the ideal landscaping season. The early fall soil is usually warmer and mor workable than spring soils, and there can be more time to work outside. Cool air helps the plants avoid stress, and rains are usually just enough to povide moisture but not too muddy. Plants are slowing down and preparing for winter, and respond well to transplanting...

Flame Amur Maple

May's Delight® Crabapple

April Showers Bring May's Delight®
Spring brings delight - moist dark soils, fresh new plant growth, sweet smelling gardens, and buzzing bees tempted by bright blossoms on flowering trees. One of the most widely planted flowering trees is the crabapple, because of the may variations in flower color, fruit, leaf and bark among the species and cultivars. McHenry County Nursery is delighted to have added to this collection a new hybrid Malus x 'Beeson' May's Delight® ...
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May's Delight Crabapple - Malus x 'Beeson' May's Delight®

May's Delight® Crabapple

May's Delight® Crabapple

May's Delight® Crabapple