Horticulture -

“the art and science of growing flowers, fruits, vegetables, trees and shrubs resulting in the development of the minds and emotions of individuals, the enrichment and health of communities, and the integration of the ‘garden’ in the breadth of modern civilization.” (Diane Relf, Prof of Horticulture at Virginia Polytechnic University)

Chicagoland Grows®

Chicagoland Grows was established by the Chicago Botanic Gardens, the Morton Arboretum, and the Ornamental Growers Association of Northern Illinois. McHenry County Nursery is a licensed grower of the Chicagoland Grows plant introductions program. New and exciting plants are being released every year. These plants are selected after many years of extensive evaluation in sites all across the country. Chicagoland Grows plant introductions meet the highest standards for superior landscape plants. Following is a list of Chicagoland Grows plants we carry. Full Article

Catalog Descriptions

Chicagoland Grows® Plants We Grow:
Acer x freemanii Marmo™ - Maple Marmo™
Acer miyabei State Street® ('Morton') - Maple State Street® Miyabe
Acer saccharum Crescendo™ ('Morton') - Maple Sugar Crescendo™
Aronia melanocarpa Iroquois Beauty™ ('Morton') - Chokeberry Black Iroquois Beauty™
Betula Madison - Birch White Satin™
Betula nigra Fox Valley® - Birch Little King Dwarf
Buxus Chicagoland Green® ('Glencoe') - Boxwood Chicagoland Green®
Buxus Northern Charm™ (‘Wilson’) - Boxwood Northern Charm™
Cotoneaster x ‘Hessei’ - Cotoneaster Hessei
Euonymus alatus Chicago Fire® ('Timber Creek') - Burning Bush Chicago Fire®
Itea virginica Scarlet Beauty™ - Sweetspire Scarlet Beauty™
Malus x Beeson 'May's Delight'® - Crabapple May's Delight®
Rhus copallina var. lat. Prairie Flame™ ('Morton') - Sumac Shining Prairie Flame™
Syringa pekinensis China Snow® - Lilac China Snow® Pekin
Ulmus x Accolade® ('Morton') - Elm Accolade®
Ulmus x Commendation™ ('Morton Stalwart') - Elm Commendation™
Ulmus x Danada Charm™ ('Morton Red Tip') - Elm Danada Charm™
Ulmus x Triumph™ ('Morton Glossy') - Elm Triumph™
Ulmus x VanGuard™ ('Morton Plainsman') - Elm VanGuard™
Viburnum dentatum Autumn Jazz® ('Ralph Senior') - Viburnum Autumn Jazz®
Viburnum dentatum Blue Muffin® ('Christom') - Viburnum Blue Muffin®
Viburnum dentatum Chicago Lustre® ('Synnesvedt') - Viburnum Chicago Lustre®
Viburnum dentatum Northern Burgundy® - Viburnum Northern Burgundy®
Viburnum trilobum Redwing® ('J.N. Select') - Viburnum Redwing®